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Welcome to Twisted Fitness

Twisted Fitness Gym

What started out as a Small Martial Arts Academy has exploded into East Madison’s Premier
Gym and Fitness Collective. This is a Gym where professionalism and cleanliness aren’t sacrificed in the name of hard work. Twisted Fitness Gym was built to be a welcoming environment for the seasoned lifter and the new gym visitor alike. With over 20 years in the Gym and Fitness industry, the owners know what they have liked and disliked over their years of working and personal training in Madison Gyms.

We started with top of the line equipment from Rogue Fitness, Arsenal Strength, and Much More!  Everything laid out in a way that offers ease of use as well as being spacious.   Couple that with our Professional, Well trained staff and it makes for a winning combination.

With Certified Coaches on staff for Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, and Sports Performace, we are Madison’s most professional gym.  And don’t worry, we still offer the Best BJJ in Madison We set out to do it different and hopefully better. While we know we aren’t for everyone, we believe we are for most! Come check us out and see if we can change your idea of what a gym should be!