(Class Room Firearms Instruction at Twisted Fitness in Madison)

Firearms Instruction – Madison

Keeping with our Self Defense mindset, Twisted Fitness offers Firearms Instruction in Madison.  Twisted Fitness is excited to be a proud partner of the USCCA!  Safety and training courses for all skill levels.  However, even if you have ZERO experience with firearms, we’ll get you started.   We offer a variety of Classes from a basic handgun class, to high level Defensive shooting classes. 

Interested in a Concealed Carry License for the state of Wisconsin?  Our Certified Instructors can provide you with the knowledge and recourses necessary to obtain a license.  Furthermore, we will also accommodate small group training and will work in the field with churches, scouting, etc.  See the full list of classes below to find what you are looking for.  Don’t see a class on the schedule?  Click HERE to request a class or with any questions.

Wisconsin CCW and Home Defense Course:  This 4 Hour course provides you with a comprehensive breakdown of the Laws for the State of Wisconsin.   We will discuss:

  • Situational awareness and how to keep yourself safe. 
  • Break down use of force and when it is acceptable to use lethal force. 
  • Basic Firearms Safety and Operation.
  • Alternative Protection Measures (Taser, Pepper Spray, etc) 

This class provides you all the knowledge and certification necessary to obtain a CCW license for the State of Wisconsin.

Basic Handgun Class: Handgun Basics – 2-2.5 hours class time -This hands-on class will teach you:

  • Takedown, cleaning and proper storage of your handgun
  • Choosing the correct ammunition
  • How to safely clear common firearm malfunctions
  • Proper stance, grip, use of sights, and trigger control to improve your accuracy
  • Using laser systems, dry firing and at home drills to improve defensive accuracy and

This class will help prepare you for the live fire range course that we offer, Defensive
Shooting Fundamentals 1 (DSF 1).

Defensive shooting fundamentals 1: In this live fire, small group setting you will learn:

  • Proper grip, stance and kinesthetic alignment
  • When and how to use sighted vs. unsighted fire
  • Defensive accuracy at a variety of distances
  • Balancing speed and precision in a defensive situation
  • Trigger control

This class will qualify you to attend the Defensive Shooting Fundamentals 2 (DSF2)

Defensive shooting fundamentals 2:In this live fire, small group Level 2 course we will build on the skills learned in the Defensive Shooting Fundamentals 1 course. You will learn:

  • Emergency Reloads
  • Working with the body’s natural reactions during a Dynamic Critical Incident
  • Incorporating the Defensive mindset into our Balance of Speed and Precision Drills
  • Incorporating Lateral Movement Into our Drills
  • Introduction to presentation from the Holster

Smokeless Range at Twisted Fitness Gym Madison

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals at Deerfield Pistol