Twisted Boxing Academy – The Best Boxing in Madison!

Welcome to the best boxing program in the Madison Area.   Started by our very Own Mauricio Vazquez, these programs are a phenomenal way top get started with boxing.   We have multiple classes we offer, structured to help you learn at what ever level you need!

Beginner Boxing – This class starts you from the very beginning.   Running twice a week, this class meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:00 p.m.   Get Ready to have fun and Learn.  When you show up for your first class, you’ll immediately start to learn the basics of Boxing.  Soon you’ll be working on footwork, head, movement, offense and defense.  Learning these skills is imperative to building a solid foundation in boxing.  This class will help you prepare to move into the more intermediate and advanced programs.  To sign up for the intro to boxing classes, click HERE.

Intermediate/Advanced – This class offers you the chance to begin to further your training with high paced drills and an introduction to the full sport of boxing.   You will learn how to better feed pads, build a great defense, and prepare for more intense boxing exercise. This will prepare you for advancing into advanced/sparring classes, where you can test all of your skills in the ring.

Sparring Classes – You must be a USA BOXING member to join in the sparring sessions, PERIOD!  Sparring classes will test all of your boxing skills on a controlled environment.  Blending offense, defense and footwork, you’ll become a complete boxer.  It’ll prepare you for stepping into the ring and being a competitor!

If you have any questions on our boxing program, message us HERE