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Welcome to Madison’s Newest and most Unique Gym. Originally built with the intention of servicing high level athletes, we have quickly become a home for just about everyone. Whether you are interested in Strength and Conditioning, Weight Loss, Olympic lifting, Strongman/Strongwoman training, Athletic development, Bodybuilding, or just looking for a friendly place to break a sweat, we are definitely the place for you. We have a wide variety of brand new equipment from Rogue Fitness, Arsenal Strength, and more. Much of the equipment we have, you won’t find at any other gym in Madison. What makes us special is not only the collective of unique fitness facilities involved, but also the fact that we have created a real community of friendly and helpful individuals that want to see you achieve your goals. There is nothing better than being surrounded by people who truly want to succeed and that is the culture we are creating here! Come pay us a visit, get a free workout in, and see what makes this place so special.

Twisted Fitness is not only a Beautiful Gym, but the facility is also home to:

Crossfit Mata Leao

There’s Crossfit, then there’s Crossfit Mata Leao, take your crossfit to the next level with our brand-new facility!

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Madison Muay Thai Logo

Madison Muay Thai

Muay Thai, one of the oldest and most demanding Martial Arts, come challenge your self with Muay Thai training from the best instructor in Wisconsin!

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Alliance Jiu-Jitsu Madison

Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from the best team in the World! Whether you looking for self-defense, self-discipline or fitness, nothing is more challenging and rewarding!

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What People are Saying

I have never seen such a beautiful gym. It has every piece of equipment you need to do; from running, strength training, bodybuilding or just looking to get fit for the summer or year-round! Combine that with outstanding instructors and you have the best gym in the Madison area.

Julie Kensick

Twisted Fitness went above and beyond in creating their new gym space. I literally feel like a kid in a candy shop every time I walk through the doors. The equipment is legit and fits the needs of any lifter, brand new or seasoned. Plus the community and atmosphere is incredibly welcoming. If you’ve been looking for new place, I would highly recommend checking Twisted Fitness out!

Ellen Neal
Best facility to hit all my training needs, hands down. Amazing people on and off the mats. Everything is so clean and organized. Would recommend this gym to anyone!!
Maddy Beske

Got the guys repping some fresh gear!
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Testing the strength of the @roguefitness Axle bar. 1000 lbs as @a.j.oglum and @strongman_robert
Prepare for their charity tandem deadlift in February. We did have to use duct tape though, as we couldn't fit the weights and the collars!
#rogue #roguefitness #strongmantraining #powerlifting #deadlift

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When you drop your phone down the sewer drain, make sure all your friends train at Twisted Fitness so they're strong enough to lift that sewer grate! ...

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Atlas stone shelves are almost done!!! Last pieces of the puzzle finally coming together. This gym is amazing.
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@strongman_robert and @a.j.oglum working that Tandem Axle Deadlift to the tune of 935 lbs for 3 reps. They are preparing for a charity tandem deadlift event in February. Sounds like 1200 lbs is the goal and they aren't far off!

#powerlifting #strongmantraining #madisonwisconsin #madtown #madisongym

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On to the shelves for these bad boys, not too long now and we'll be throwing big weight around.
#strongmantraining #strongwomantraining #stoneland #roguefitness

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Pictures of the stone crew hard at work.
#strongmantraining #atlasstones #bigballs #strongwomantraining #powerlifting #madisonwisconsin #madtown #madcity

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Stone molds are prepped and ready to pour! This is gonna be awesome.
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After today, I hope to be quoting a classic AC/DC song. 😂

#bigballs #strongmantraining #strongwomantraining #powerlifting #madtown #madisongym #madisonwisconsin

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I've got over a thousand pounds of concrete, who's ready to make some Atlas stones? 🤣

#strongwomantraining #strongmantraining #madtown #madisongym

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Thanks to the crew who came in for the 12 days of Christmas workout-Twisted Style. That was awesome!!!! Everyone have a great holiday!!! ...

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Be there and ready to work hard! No excuses!

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Pretty Awesome!!!! The first of two Olympic platforms is done. The second one will be complete this weekend.
Big Thanks to @isn0project for helping get this all done. If you need anything done with regards to woodworking, hit him up! Great work and super helpful human being!

#madisonwisconsin #madtown #madisongym #powerlifting #olympiclifting

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@oftenmadehumble and @hanamaciolek joined us for our Anniversary WOD today. 5 years of marriage for @sonyabjj and @madisonbjj today!

9 Snatch
9 Chest to bar
6 Snatch
6 Chest to bar
3 Snatch
3 Chest to bar

2 minutes rest

9 Clean and Jerk
9 Toes to bar
6 Clean and jerk
6 Toes to bar
3 Clean and Jerk
3 Toes to bar

30 bar facing burpees

Mission accomplished.

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Logos are on the Oly/ Deadlift Platforms, they should be installed this weekend! We also now have a full line of Olympic (men's and women's) competition bars as well as Rogue westside competition Powerlifting bars.
#madisonwisconsin #madtown #powerlifting #strongmantraining #strongwomantraining

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Wednesday morning chipper crew!
30 Push ups
60 goblet squats
12 Clean and Jerk
40/30 calorie row
20 jumping pull ups
20 power cleans

Great way to warm up for some noon training at @alliancemadison

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Don't forget tomorrow is Monday and Pro Physical Therapy will be here from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. for consults and therapy. There are some spots available still, so sign up soon. ...

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Two Westside competition barbells showed up. We are fully equipped for a power lifting competition, so stay tuned!

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Rogue Chain sets and hangers on the squat racks. Beautiful and organized addition to our strength training equipment.
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Rogue Axle bar is here. We are almost finished building Madison's premier strongman facility.

#rogue #roguefitness #madisonwisconsin #madisongym #madtown
#strongmantraining #strongwomantraining

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