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If you were looking for the Best Gym in Madison, WI…….YOU JUST FOUND IT!

Welcome to Madison’s Newest and most Unique Gym. Originally built with the intention of servicing high level athletes, we have quickly become a home for just about everyone. Whether you are interested in Strength and Conditioning, Weight Loss, Olympic Lifting, Strongman/Strongwoman training, Athletic Development, Sports Performance, or just looking for a friendly place to break a sweat, we are definitely the place for you.

We understand that there are many options in Madison when choosing a gym.  But don’t sign that membership somewhere else before checking out our beautiful facility and all the programs we have to offer.

We have a wide variety of brand new equipment from Rogue Fitness, Arsenal Strength, and more. Much of the equipment we have, you won’t find at any other gym in Madison.

What makes us special is not only the all the different programs we offer, but also the fact that we have created a real community of friendly and helpful individuals that want to see you achieve your goals. There is nothing better than being surrounded by people who truly want you to succeed and that is the culture we are creating here! Come pay us a visit, get a free workout in, and see what makes this place so special.

Twisted Fitness is not just another Gym, the facility is also home to:

Crossfit Mata Leao

There’s CrossFit, and then there’s CrossFit Mata Leao, take your CrossFit to the next level with our Professional Coaches and Programming!

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Madison Muay Thai Logo

Madison Muay Thai

Muay Thai, one of the oldest and most demanding Martial Arts, come challenge your self with Muay Thai training from the best instructors in Wisconsin!

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Alliance Jiu-Jitsu Madison

Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from the best team in the World! Whether you looking for self-defense, self-discipline or fitness, nothing is more challenging and rewarding!

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What People are Saying

I have never seen such a beautiful gym. It has every piece of equipment you need to do; from running, strength training, bodybuilding or just looking to get fit for the summer or year-round! Combine that with outstanding instructors and you have the best gym in the Madison area.

Julie Kensick

Twisted Fitness went above and beyond in creating their new gym space. I literally feel like a kid in a candy shop every time I walk through the doors. The equipment is legit and fits the needs of any lifter, brand new or seasoned. Plus the community and atmosphere is incredibly welcoming. If you’ve been looking for new place, I would highly recommend checking Twisted Fitness out!

Ellen Neal
Best facility to hit all my training needs, hands down. Amazing people on and off the mats. Everything is so clean and organized. Would recommend this gym to anyone!!
Maddy Beske

In case you didn’t see it, @roguefitness announced a 50 cal challenge a few weeks ago. A big congratulations to the winner Nick Garcia who completed the challenge in 24 seconds! This bike is incredibly challenging and is another example of a great piece of cardio equipment that you don’t have to plug in to the wall. If you’ve never tried it , we suggest you give it a shot and see how impressive Nick’s time really is! #gymmotivation #workoutlife #stronglife #gymlife #strengthtraining #trainharder #liftheavy #weightlifting #strong #cardio #conditioning #functionaltraining #weightloss #grind #embracethegrind #strongbodystrongmind #rememberwhyyoustarted #noexcuses #madisonwi #madisonwisconsin #twistedfitness #twistedfitnessgym ...

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Have we mentioned we’re affiliated with USA weightlifting? If you have athletic goals or are just looking for a great workout, you should try Olympic lifting. Olympic lifting has been shown to to be highly effective at increasing strength, power, and cardiovascular health. It’s a total body workout that doesn’t keep you in the gym all day. It focuses on the three main lifts (Clean, Jerk, and Snatch), all of which involve getting the weight off the ground as quickly as possible. Multiple studies have also shown Olympic lifting to have one of the lowest injury rates in sports. Whether you want to be more explosive, get stronger, or improve your physique, Olympic lifting might be the tool you’re missing. We have multiple coaches ready to help you! We offer 8 week programming, one hour personal training sessions, and half hour skill sessions to help you get the specific practice you want. Ask a staff member for more details! #gymmotivation #workoutlife #stronglife #gymlife #strengthtraining #trainharder #liftheavy #weightlifting #strong #cardio #conditioning #functionaltraining #weightloss #grind #embracethegrind #strongbodystrongmind #rememberwhyyoustarted #noexcuses #madisonwi #madisonwisconsin ...

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The Sled! This piece of equipment, while simple is extremely versatile and effective as a workout. The Sled can push or pulled giving you giving a complete body workout. There is no eccentric (muscle contacting in the negative or with elongation) loading which means you are less like to experience soreness after using this equipment and should recover quicker. It is low impact and mimics the muscles used in running and sprints, which can help increase strength, acceleration, speed, power and conditioning. Embrace your innner sled dog and come give this piece a shot! We have two, so you can bring a friend to race. #sledwork #fullbodyworkout #keepitsimple #functionalfitness #raceafriend #friendlycompetition #lowimpactworkout #getfaster #getstronger #madisonwisconsin #madisonwi ...

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The Reverse Hyper! This unique piece of equipment was created by the famous Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell. Its focus is on the lower body and can be used as a rehabilitative tool, as well as, a strengthening tool. This piece uses your glutes and hamstrings to lift and lower the weight, making it a great glute developer and giving the added bonus of decompression of the spine on the lowering of the weight. These benefits of regular use can strengthen your low back helping to prevent injuries and support when performing heavier squats and deadlifts. Come strengthen your lower back today! #glutes #hamstrings #deadlift #squat #preventinjuries #functionaltraining #saveyourlowerback #madisonwisconsin #madisonwi ...

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The Húsafell stone being carried by @a.j.oglum! The traditional Húsafell stone is a 183 kg (409 lb) lifting stone in Iceland. It has been used as a test of strength for over 200 years. It is said, someone who can lift the stone to their knees is “lazybones,” to their waist “half-strong,” and to their breast and around the sheep pen where it lays “full-strong.” While we don’t have the original, what we do have is a plate loaded steel replica. Empty it weighs 110 lbs and has plenty of room to add more weight, for those seeking the title of “full-strong!” Because who wants to be called “half-strong?” #strongman #husafellcarry #fullstrong #liftheavythings #training #madisonwisconsin #madisonwi #picturetakenbeforecovid #exposednose ...

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Air Assault Treadmill! This piece of cardio equipment is user powered and has a slight incline on the tread. This feature gives the user the ability to burn 30% more calories than a traditional treadmill, as well as, reduces the amount of harmful impacts associated with running. Given that the piece is self propelled, it requires the user to engage more muscle groups to move the tread and gives the piece no maximum speed. Come in and give one of ours a test run! #running #fitness #exercise #exerciseismedicine #cardio #madisonwisconsin #madisonwi ...

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Time out of the gym means time that we’re not actively moving towards our goals. With that in mind, we carry @rocktape products to help keep you going. We have Rock floss, Rock tape, and Rock sauce to help you recover from your hard workouts, warm up before workouts or just something to keep that nagging soreness quiet so you can keep working hard. We’d be happy to show you how it works or give you some advice on where to and where to not apply Rock sauce. #recovery #prehab #fascialshearing #stayinthegame #keepgoing #goals #rocksaucelife #madisonwisconsin #madisonwi ...

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The Pendulum Squat! This unique piece of equipment replicates a squat, but with it’s design eliminates a large amount of stress on the lower back and knees associated with squatting. The weight is loaded in the back, which allows for smaller amounts of weight creating higher resistances. Varying feet position will target different muscles in the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. With a large range of motion, this piece will help you work on developing the strength to get out of the bottom of your squat at higher weights. Come give it a squat! #squats #hustle #fitness #exercise #dontgetstuckatthebottom #dontstopsquatting #quads #glutes #hamstrings #madisonwi #madisonwisconsin ...

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The Jacob’s ladder! This piece of equipment allows for high intensity exercise with the benefit of minimal impact. It was also cited in a study by the LSU school of Kinesiology as a “scientifically superior workout.” It utilizes a 40-degree climbing angle which can alleviate stress placed on your joints and is self powered, so you can control the pace and intensity of your workout. Stop in today and give ours a shot! If you haven’t used one before one of our staff members would be happy to show you how it works. #fitness #newyearsresolution #exercise #exerciseismedicine #backedbyscience #madisonwi #madisonwisconsin ...

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Showing off a lion more of our patriotic spirit for the new year! #America #twistedfitnessgym #crossfit #strongman #bjj #muaythai #usaweightlifting #unitedstatespowerliftingassociation ...

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The New Year is just around the corner! We wish everyone a Happy New Year and we wanted to remind everyone, we will be open NYE (6am-7pm) and New Year's Day (8am-2pm). There will also be a special New Year's CrossFit workout at noon on Friday 1/1. There's limited spaces available, so get yours before they're gone! ...

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Looking for those last minute stocking stuffers? We've got you covered! Anything from keto cookies (yes, I said cookies) to Zevia sodas. Maybe even throw in a Reign energy drink if you want to see someone get excited for presents later! ...

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If you're still stressing getting that last minute shopping in, look no further! Our new Twisted Fitness hoodies are comfy, warm, and they make great Christmas presents. There's a limited stock so grab yours before they're gone! ...

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In case you didn't hear, we're all stocked up on @rebelcreamery ice cream! Trust us, every holiday could be better with more ice cream. Grab some before Mike finds out! ...

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On this #VeteransDay we wish to express our deepest gratitude to those who have and are currently serving. Your bravery and sacrifices are the reason we are free and safe. ...

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Today we remember the brave men and women of NYPD/NYFD who gave their lives on 9/11/01. Please join us today at @crossfitmataleao for a special tribute workout, sign up now as spaces are limited.

If you can't make that, try climbing 110 stories on the Jacob's Ladder to represent the 110 stories of WTC that the first responders would have climbed.

#neverforget #911 #nypd #nyfd

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Hey Everyone, don't forget that @proptgroup is here on Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. If you have any nagging issues and need to be seen, call or sign up at the front desk. Get back to being the best you can be!

#healthylifestyle #athleticdevelopment #performance #uspapowerlifting #unitedstatesstrongman #usaweightlifting #twistedfitnessgym #strong

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Gym Family, you can all breath easy now.....@rebelcreamery Keto Ice Cream is back in stock!

#rebelicecream #rebelcreameryicecream #keto #ketosnack #healthylifestyle

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