Madison Muay Thai is now Roufusport Madison!

Madison Muay Thai is now Roufusport Madison!

That’s Right, Madison Muay Thai Joins Roufusport!

Madison Muay Thai has joined forces with Roufusport, a renowned martial arts gym, to form the top kickboxing and mixed martial arts team in the Madison area. This partnership combines the expertise and experience of both teams. This allows us to offer a comprehensive training program for individuals of all skill levels.

Madison Muay Thai has been a staple in the Madison community, offering traditional Muay Thai training for both beginners and advanced fighters. The gym has produced numerous champions.   It has also been recognized for its commitment to providing a safe and supportive training environment.

Roufusport, on the other hand, is known for its world-class kickboxing and MMA training, producing some of the most successful fighters in the sport. With legendary trainer Duke Roufus at the helm, Roufusport has become a destination for athletes from all over the world.

The partnership between Madison Muay Thai and Roufusport means that students at Madison Muay Thai will now have access to the top-notch facilities and training programs at Roufusport. They will also have the opportunity to train with some of the best fighters in the world.  This includes UFC veterans Anthony Pettis, Ben Askren, and Sergio Pettis.

This partnership is also great news for anyone looking to train in kickboxing or MMA in the Madison area. Combining our program with Roufusport means that there is now a one-stop-shop for all your training needs. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced fighter, we’ve got you covered.

In addition to the comprehensive training programs, We will also offer a variety of classes and workshops to help students develop their skills and knowledge. These classes will cover everything from technique and strategy to injury prevention.  This ensures that students are well-rounded and prepared for anything.

Overall, the partnership between Madison Muay Thai and Roufusport is great news for the Madison area. With their combined expertise and resources, we quickly becoming the top kickboxing team in the area. So if you’re looking to train in kickboxing or MMA, Check us out!